Engage, Delight and Narrate: But only with pictures, please

It's one month since our first workshop kicked off the new web project, and some of you might be interested to know what we learnt through the animal-selections, collaging and quizzes.

The whole point of that workshop, was to pull together information about who our audience is. Everis are doing this in two parts, the first was the workshop, which led to an audience report. 

Laura at Everis sent the final audience report through this week. We can't share the full report yet, but I've summed up what it found below.

It focuses on CERN's vision, the layout of the new site, who the users are, and what content the new website should include. Although the main points ("the website should have lots of pretty, 'WOW' images and less text") perhaps weren't particularly surprising, it's great to know that some of the decisions we make are backed by the results of the workshop and fit with what the majority of people would like to see in a new site. 

The rest of the report laid out that we'd like to have clearer information about what CERN does. And that we want that information to be really easy to navigate, no matter which audience is looking for it. Those audiences, which we identified in no particular order, are:

  • scientists
  • job seekers
  • high-school students
  • CERN community members
  • interested public
  • media and press
  • decision makers
  • uninterested public
  • visitors
  • local community

The report then looked at what each of these audiences are interested in, and how we should go about grouping the infromation (see image above). Some things we don't currently have enough content for on the site, such as how CERN impacts peoples daily lives. But that's possibly because decision makers, and businesses didn't show up in the previous reports for the website as a key audience. 

The vision for the site is now defined too, giving us three really nice messages that we'll be keeping in mind for the rest of the project. 

CERN should:

1. Narrate CERN's activities to educate and inform through storytelling

2. Delight its users with astonishing content, showing how it sets trends

3. Engage all user groups through interactive and engaging content


 The next part, is to take all this information and turn it into a survey that can be sent out more widely, and will result in a user report. And, for the content team, the next step is working out what content is crucial (Directions to CERN) versus what content needs updating (a page on Linac4) and what needs a complete revamp with infographics etc (a page on cryogenics), so we can start planning exactly what the new site will be. 


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