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Migration of custom modules from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8

We are working close with EVERIS in order to migrate some of our custom Drupal 7 modules to Drupal 8.

The following modules have been migrated successfully:

  • CERN dev-status
  • CERN display realnames
  • CERN Indico Events
  • CERN CDS Media

Currently we are working on the following modules:

  • CERN Webcast Events
  • CERN Search
  • CERN Toolbar

Who are our users and what do they want?

A graphic showing why we're designing something new, for who, how and what we will finally design.

The most important thing to know for a website is who is actually visiting it.

When we built CERN’s current website it was mostly students and teachers visiting, looking for resources for projects and teaching tools. Five years on, we didn’t know if things had changed. And so, based on the Audience Report, Everis built a survey to find out who was visiting the website, why they were visiting it, and what they wanted to find on it.

Read the full Audience report

While we've been moving forward with Everis on how people will navigate the new website, they've also been working to pull together all the data from the workshop we held into a report. 

This is the Audience Report, which only takes into account internal viewpoints gathered during the workshop. The User Report, which is based on a survey that was sent out more widely, is coming soon.

Science? or Discover? Who knew menu items would lead to so much debate

Last week the Web Team embarked on a hard and arduous journey to the depths of Barcelona's business district, for our first visit to Everis, where we'd meet the entire team who will be working with us on CERN's digital portfolio.

Once the niceties were out of the way we quickly got down to what we, the user and the audience reports all think the new website should look like.


Engage, Delight and Narrate: But only with pictures, please

It's one month since our first workshop kicked off the new web project, and some of you might be interested to know what we learnt through the animal-selections, collaging and quizzes.

The whole point of that workshop, was to pull together information about who our audience is. Everis are doing this in two parts, the first was the workshop, which led to an audience report. 

Lions and Giraffes and Dolphins…oh my!

We’ve begun! The new web project kicked off last week with an unusual event hosted by Everis, the company helping us to build a new digital portfolio for CERN.

The forty participants – either group leaders, or their nominees – were chosen because they represent each group at CERN. We want everyone at the organisation to feel involved, and by inviting a representative from each group, we thought it was the quickest way to get input and fresh ideas of who each group wants to communicate to, what they want to say and how it could work on the website.

Lets start at the beginning

You may, or may not, have heard that CERN is rebuilding its digital portfolio (a.k.a. the website, and all websites using the CERN theme).

The decision was made because our current website just isn’t doing what we need it to, the audiences don’t fit, people can’t find what they need and it already (despite only being five years old!) looks dated. And as the birthplace of the web, we think CERN deserves better.