Questions frequently asked in the pre-release feedback

Thanks so much to everyone who has given feedback on the pre-release version of the new website to date. I have endeavoured to reply to every feedback in person, but I may have missed a few people due to the sheer number of responses. Here, in no particular order, is a round-up of some of the questions that came up multiple times, along with my answers.

When I click "CERN Accelerating science" I would expect to be redirected to but I'm brought to with the top bar added.

Absolutely. This site is still in pre-release and there are bugs to iron out and performance tuning to do. When it's in full release we'll retire user/ and public/ and the toolbar will behave in the way that you describe.

Où en est la version française ?

Vous avez raison: la version française et absent pour l'instant car nous sommes en train de traduire tout le contenu. Dès que nous avons fait ce travail on va remettre l'onglet pour voir le site en français. On ne voulait pas donner l'impression qu'il aurait une version 'mini' du côté français. Pour l'instant vous pouvez mettre 'fr' dans le URL pour un aperçu de la version française des pages :

J'ai écrit un blog (en anglais!) sur le sujet des langues dans le nouveau site ici qui pourrait vous intéresser:

Where is ISOLDE in the new website?

We wanted to distinguish between facilities and experiments (something we found that the public have a hard time understanding in the context of LHC versus experiments, for example, or CERN's involvement in Gran Sasso...). We put ISOLDE under 'accelerators' here:

The feature I use most in the current website is seeing what's on today and what conferences and events are coming up. Please include this in the new website.

We're working on this. Indico is the place to manage information about events, and we want to avoid duplicating Indico's functionality. We're working with the Indico team to get curated lists of events going. This would allow us to, say, highlight a bunch of events that are relevant to students and educators and display these in the section of the new website that targets this audience. In the meantime we have two blocks: one on the 'CERN people' page that shows events that are on today; one on the page for scientists pulling in upcoming conferences (at CERN and beyond) from INSPIRE.

I cannot find the phonebook in the new site. This is really important to me: I use this function all the time in the existing site.

The people and buildings searches have moved up to the toolbar at the top of the screen: the idea being that these are key features that can be accessed from every CERN website that uses the toolbar (you're going to see it in lots more places soon). This isn't an obvious to users until they find it, however, so we may look at also including this in the directory.

I don't like the white updates box on the homepage, it is "too white" and gets too much of my attention.

This is by design: during our research we found that the overwhelming majority of users across audiences wanted updates. Glad it got your attention!

I don't understand why the first link on the 'Scientists' page is "Francais"

This is a bug. We are working to fix it. You can see the issue queue where bugs and future enhancements are listed, here

It is not clear to me what the relationship between the 'CERN people' pages (just a "flow" of news) and the Bulletin (weekly issues) is: they look to have the same content but grouped differently…

The Bulletin in its current format will eventually be retired. So the 'CERN people' section will be the place to come to for news targeted at the CERN community in future.

What is the difference between "Announcements" and "Updates"? Maybe you should just differentiate between "press releases" and "normal news"?

Every piece of content that is commissioned for the new website is written for a specific audience and to a specific format. Announcements and updates are examples of these formats. Formats determine the length and focus of content. There is more on formats in the writing guide. This is intended for writers and editors but it gives an idea:


I can no longer find them unless I revert to the archived users page. The built in search facility doesn't find them either. Do you intent to still display them?

Hi Brian,

You're right, we are no longer linking to any national phone directory websites. We didn't host an exhaustive list, and the resources were liable to change. You can still reach the old page here if you need it.

Best, Dan

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