Known issues to fix in the beta release

There are many know issues with the beta release. We are working away on these issues, and whole sections of the site are still to be built. Here, in no particular order, are just some of the things we need to fix:

  • Responsive design. The website should be as great to use on a mobile device as on a large screen, but we've locked the design to be optimized for larger screens for this release. Users of smaller viewports may have a degraded experience.
  • This release is in English only.
  • Browser support (especially IE8 and below) is sketchy. For now we recommend using an up-to-date browser (IE9, Chrome, Safari or Firefox).
  • The site is not fully optimised for speed.
  • Content search doesn't work.
  • There are issues with loading the homepage events when authenticated (on https).
  • Form element styling needs some work.

This is a pretty grim list of issues, so why go ahead with a beta release?

The main purpose of this release is to get the tools into the hands of the people who will be creating and managing content: it is fit for this purpose. Involving content contributors marks quite a big transition in the project: we're no longer designing and coding around dummy content; we're putting the tools into action, and alongside the interface work, a new iterative phase of design and development driven by the needs of content contributors begins.

We need your feedback

We have a long list of things to work through, but we may have missed something. If you spot an interface bug, content that needs fixing, or you have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to give your feedback. You can always post comments to this blog, come to see us in person, or use one of these feedback forms:


Thanks so much to those of you who have taken the time to give feedback already: your comments (positive and negative) are crucial to us being able to refine this beta. If you have said your piece, feel free to go back, have another look and submit more comments.

We have had just shy of 300 individual visitors to the site since we announced the beta - a tiny proportion of CERN's community. So please pass on this request for feedback to your colleagues so that we can get input from as many people as possible.

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