Prototype iteration 3

In his last blog post Mark said we would be sharing the latest prototype iterations last week. We have held off with this because this iteration brought up so many points for discussion and revision - it feels like we're touching upon some really important issues. These discussions are still ongoing, so in the spirit of keeping this process open, here is prototype iteration 3:

Design Sprint 2: Retrospective

For the past couple of months, we’ve been getting to know CERN. We’ve been getting to know how the website is currently used; what is it that people want to do? what do they want to know and who are they? We’ve also been spending our time understanding the current content on the website and assessing what is valuable and what isn’t. All of this talking, listening, researching and strategising has led to some key initial deliverables from us for the project. We’re beginning to define direction and we wanted to share this output with you for feedback.


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