Sprint #3 of 2013

In our third sprint of this year we worked on building new layouts for the CERN people and Scientists sections. Based on the feedback we gathered (thank you!) we wanted to provide a much more dense overview of content in these two sections. You will see that we moved to a three-column layout on larger screens for these two pages.

The new CERN people page now has a three-column layout. A callout guides people towards the directory link in the toolbar.

The new Scientists section also has a much more dense view as seen on wider viewports

Old public/ site retired

Today we archived the old public/ site that people from outside see as the CERN homepage. We set up redirects for all paths to the old site, so we hope to have covered all links - if you find a broken path please let us know. The old site will be made available as an archive at http://cern.ch/public-archive A link to this address is available in the footer of the new site.

You can find links to the old public website and the users' page in the footer of the new site

When we archive the users' page we will make it available in the same way, although these links in the footer will eventually be removed as people get used to the changes.

We have one final sprint to go and we are planning to finish with major design iterations at the end of this month. After this time we will begin to plan the retirement of the users' page that we see internally, directing internal traffic straight to the CERN people section. We will continue to perform in-depth interviews on how the CERN people section is performing with a panel of testers. If you would like to take part in this please get in touch with me.

As ever, comments, criticism, ideas and feedback is welcome.

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