Importing events from Indico

One of the key tasks that people need to achieve on the new website is see what events are happening - both today (or 'now') and coming up; this is especially true for CERN people and scientists. We are going to work over the next couple of weeks at improving the way that we import event information from Indico and display it in various parts of the site. This isn't easy, however: there is an awful lot of content in Indico and we need to sift through it and make decisions about what should be displayed in the website.

The table attached below shows which Indico categories we propose to import, and where the imported events will be displayed. Have a look and please let me know if you have comments or suggestions. If an Indico category is missing from the table below it means that events in that category will not appear in the new site. We may have missed something - please let us know.



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