Building an app for CERN people

This blog has, to date, focussed on the design processes behind CERN's new website, which went live earlier this year. I'd like to talk about a new project: an app for CERN people.

We're by no means done with the new website: we're fixing things, refining features and adding new ones. But it's time now to address one of the major issues that surfaced during the research phases for the new website: CERN people need to customise the information they receive. We're going to take the first steps towards this in the creation of an app for CERN people.

The app project is going to begin with research. Who are 'CERN people'? Are there patterns in their working days? Are there trends and signals in what people need? How would they use an app?

This week we are asking a group of people to keep diaries about their working days. Next week we'll interview the diarists and look for insights that will help us to make our early design decisions. If you would like to take part in this research, sign up via this form.

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