Archiving the users' page

Tomorrow is an important day: we will be archiving the old users' page that we are used to seeing when visiting from a CERN IP range.

For some people this big change will feel intrusive, unwelcome or wrong. Some of you might be quite angry, confused, annoyed. Please keep feedback coming through this time. Here's how we are going to use it:

Some feedback will be reporting things that simply don't work for you in the new site. We are calling these incidents: things that are broken, wrong, or hinder you from carrying out your work. These things we'll treat as urgent and try to fix as soon as possible.

Some feedback will be based on poor experiences you have had, confusion, questions, criticism. We are calling this 'general feedback' and we will log them all, but not act upon them right away (although we will, where possible, get back to everyone individually). We're going to take a good month or two so that we can assess general patterns in feedback. We want to be sure that if we change things to address feedback that we improve things and don't affect other groups of users who may well be happy with the way things are.

What's new

Be prepared. Have a look around the new site and become familiar with it. Note in particular:

  • The directory is where you can search the phonebook, find information about services, search for a building, and find CERN websites and applications you commonly need to access
  • CERN people is where you can find updates and announcements for the CERN community
  • Scientists is where you can find information for scientists such as seminars and events, recent publications and updates

You might find it useful to bookmark these pages now, and set one as your browser's default homepage.

Accessing the old homepage

The old website will remain available as an archive - although it will no longer be maintained or updated - at

Giving feedback and reporting incidents

To give feedback on the new website, such as suggestions, comments or questions, use this form.

To report an incident please use this service portal form.

If you would like to take the time to give more in-depth feedback, discuss a concern or an idea, do not hesitate to call me up or arrange a meeting with me.

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