Changes to the CERN users' page

The CERN users' page is changing.

You may have noticed over the last few months that editorial content such as news and announcements have moved from the users' page to the new CERN website.

  • Find updates, announcements and official communications for CERN community in the CERN people section.
  • Updates and events of a scientific nature have moved to the Scientists section, where you will also find a dedicated events page. If you want your Indico event to appear here, make sure it is in one of the categories we are importing from Indico [see list of categories]. Get in touch if you want us to add a category to this list.
  • The new directory is the place to find links to other CERN websites, as well as search the phonebook, Indico, service portal and more

Got a story for the new CERN website? Find out more about how you can contribute content here.

The CERN users' page is slowly becoming smaller as information for those working at or for CERN moves to the news site. The page will be removed completely in May 2013.

These changes may cause some disruption as you get used to where things have moved, and relearn some search behaviours. Please bear with us as the CERN web changes, and don't hesitate to give feedback in this form.

Oh, and one more thing: Please keep your language polite in the feedback. Web developers are people too!

Thank you,

Cian O'Luanaigh, on behalf of the CERN web team

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