Building an app for CERN people

This blog has, to date, focussed on the design processes behind CERN's new website, which went live earlier this year. I'd like to talk about a new project: an app for CERN people.

We're by no means done with the new website: we're fixing things, refining features and adding new ones. But it's time now to address one of the major issues that surfaced during the research phases for the new website: CERN people need to customise the information they receive. We're going to take the first steps towards this in the creation of an app for CERN people.

Archiving the users' page

Tomorrow is an important day: we will be archiving the old users' page that we are used to seeing when visiting from a CERN IP range.

For some people this big change will feel intrusive, unwelcome or wrong. Some of you might be quite angry, confused, annoyed. Please keep feedback coming through this time. Here's how we are going to use it:

Importing events from Indico

One of the key tasks that people need to achieve on the new website is see what events are happening - both today (or 'now') and coming up; this is especially true for CERN people and scientists. We are going to work over the next couple of weeks at improving the way that we import event information from Indico and display it in various parts of the site. This isn't easy, however: there is an awful lot of content in Indico and we need to sift through it and make decisions about what should be displayed in the website.

We need your feedback on the CERN people section

It is really important for us to test whether we are on track with the architecture and design of the site while it's still in pre-release.

The feedback we have had to date suggests that we're nearly there with the sections targeted at the public, but that we still have work to do to meet the needs of the CERN community. In particular, many of you felt that no part of the new site would serve well as your new homepage on a daily basis.


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