About this blog

I am working in close partnership with colleagues in IT and design partners Mark Boulton Design to relaunch a new website for CERN. Initially this will replace:

The transition to a new website after so many years of the old structure will be difficult at times and it will be important to communicate clearly and openly throughout the process. We will use this blog to communicate about the decisions that we are facing and how we are approaching them - all as it happens.

Please speak up and get involved, by posting comments and taking part in calls for feedback.

Dan Noyes (DG-CO)

Who is involved in this project?

This project involves lots of people - and we need your input. The following people are involved on a day-to-day basis, and their names are listed here so that you know who's who when seeing names in blog posts:

From CERN:

  • James Gillies (sponsor / stakeholder)
  • Dan Noyes (product management lead)
  • Silvia Tomanin (development / integration)
  • Cian O'Luanaigh (web content editor)

From Mark Boulton Design:

  • Mark Boulton (design lead)
  • Alex Morris (user experience / design)
  • Nathan Ford (design)
  • Jen Simmons (Drupal theming)
  • Relly Annett-Baker (content strategy)
  • Andrew Travers (audience research)



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